Thursday, February 26, 2009

Digital Dollars

Looks like I need to add some money to my Playstation Wallet and buy some Microsoft Imaginary Space Bucks. The downloadable content that's been released in the past week has been darn near insane in both scope and quality. 

Here's a rundown of what I'm picking up:

  • Prince of Persia: Epilogue
  • Mirror's Edge Time Trial Pack
  • Noby Noby Boy
  • Flower*
  • Burnout Legendary Car Pack
As someone who only ever spends his money on whole Xbox Live Arcade games and Rock Band tracks, this is a whole lot of expansion content for one week. 

You'll also notice that Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and the Damned is not on that list. I will definitely be getting into why in a later post.

What expansion content do you guys buy? I'm curious if releasing stuff like this gets people to hold onto games they'd otherwise trade/lend/use as costers...


*Yes, I bought this last week, but it was in the calendar week, so I'm adding it to the list!


Koenn said...

I don't believe I've ever spent money on a downloadable expansion for a game (unless you count DLC for Rock Band 2, which is where most of the MS Points I buy go), but I have a pretty healthy selection of around 20 XBLA titles, including stuff like Geometry Wars 1 and 2, Castle Crashers, Mega Man 9 (I think I've beaten two levels in this so far. I was a lot better at games when I was 8, apparently), Pac-Man CE, and N+. If I had a PS3 I'd probably pick up Nobi Nobi Boy and Flower, they both look pretty interesting. Weird games are great.

I've got nothing against downloading expansion content for games if they actually add a legitimate amount of new material, and I'm sure that releasing stuff like the PoP Epilogue and GTA: TLOD would give players of those games reason to hold onto them instead of trading them in once they play through the single-player campaign.

On the other hand I think that spending money on something like an additional character in a fighting game is stupid, and there's no way I'd spend five dollars to play as Darth Vader in Soul Calibur 4.

-Koenn, up too late posting comments on various blogs and forums.

RedIon said...

My points get spent on extra songs for RB1 and GH:WT, for the most part. Why RB1? Because it seems HMX/EA can't put together a worldwide release.

The only XBLA games I have are on the two compilation discs - there's 11 of them, 10 of which I rarely, if ever, play.

The only other things I've bought off the XBLM are the addons for Burnout Paradise and PGR4.

Muse said...

Hi Casey...

You know what I would really like to buy? Muse DLC for Rock Band, please make it happen!!! Or at least say, "Not in the near future", we at the MUSE DLC.PERIOD thread (the biggest thread in there) in the RB Forums would love to receive some feedback from the developers of the game in relation to Muse DLC, can you help?

Thanks a lot

seinman said...

I pretty much buy all the expansions for all the games I own. I just don't feel like i'm getting the complete experience without them. Luckily for my wallet, though, I don't own a whole lot of games. So really, I guess that means I *don't* buy a whole lot... I have all the Halo 3 maps, i'm getting Lost and the Damned, and I have a lot of RB DLC. Those are the only three games I play.

LoopyChew said...

I can tell you that the significantly greater majority of my DLC is RB music, but I have also purchased:

Mass Effect: Bring Down the Sky
Mirror's Edge Time Trial Pack (I suck at Time Trial, but it's SO AWESOME)
Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage

A few Arcade games as well, including:
Castle Crashers
PA Adventures

I'm considering the Burnout cars, but currently I'm still on such a hardcore RB2/FO3 loop that it may be some time before I get anything else. I've also bought one GH:WT track--"No Rain" by Blind Melon--but I don't think I've played any GH:WT since I actually bought the damn thing.

Joe said...

i download dlc all the time for all kinds of games. i have purchased expansions for..

fallout 3
guitar hero 2, 3, wt
karaoke revolution
rock band 1/2
saints row
skate 2

and several arcade expansions for like castle crashers and whatnot.