Wednesday, November 05, 2008

President Elect Barack Obama

Tonight, the night of Barack Obama's acceptance speech, I'm 26 years old. Raised by The Simpsons and taught quips by Mystery Science Theater, my generation is one that views everything through thick lenses of irony, touches everything through a heavy sheet of sarcasm. A group of friends gathered together to watch the election results ebb into CNN and throughout the night, hopeful and excited as we were, we mocked. 

We mocked presenters, gaffs in speeches, graphics and a Will I. Am hologram. This was a process we had all been excited about, an election that promised nothing but hope for all in the room, something of unprecedented importance in our adult lives, and we still mocked.

Then President Elect Obama came behind the podium, and began to speak. More than that, mere minutes after he was chosen by the American people, he began to lead.

While I could tell you many things about my reaction to this -  how I felt finally touched by this candidate who I'd listened to for months, how I was actually moved to tears, how amazed I felt to have a candidate who has won not instantly forget all he'd said for months - what is most telling is that for the duration of President Elect Obama's speech my friends and I sat in dead silence.

Not a word. Not a quip. No gentle teasing of someone in the crowd. 

For once I feel like someone has lifted the protective veil from the people of my generation and we're allowed to feel something patriotic and genuine all at the same time.

Thank you, Mr. Obama, if for nothing else, then for that.


Sunday, November 02, 2008

Coming Next: "Guy Holding Boom Mic" Star Wars Masterpiece Figure

You know, as a huge fan of characters like Blue Beetle, I can understand rooting for the minor characters. Sometimes they're more interesting or fun than the big guns. But I mean... Really? 

My friend Aaron likes to say "We all spend our money in different ways," but come on... Captian Antilles? The only thing dude did was get choked by Vader. Maybe I can cash in on this...

Coming soon from Casey Studios
Showcase Replica of that Sandwich a Jawa Ate From the Craft Table 
$79.99, Shipping Q4 2009