Monday, March 09, 2009

Geoff Klock on Watchmen

So I have my own thoughts about Watchmen, but I wanted to first post some thoughts that Dr. Klock had over at Remarkable that I found spot-on:

I am wondering if the thing that makes Watchmen unfilmable is the fact that you cannot make superhero violence look anything other than sexy, at least because it requires a massive budget and budget means people who are not going to let you do violence in a depressing way. [...] Watchmen the comic is not supposed to deliver that particular thrill, but the movie does, and how can I fault a movie for delivering a thrill? [...] It is a mess and I would hardly hold it up as an example of great filmmaking; but to deny I had fun would just be dishonest, even if it makes me look foolish. I would recommend it to people only on this superficial level; as an intellectual thing, as a hunt to re-experience the craft and thematics of the book, avoid it I think. 

More on this from me, soon, but in the mean time check out Dr. Klock's blog for other interesting pop-culture commentary. 

Remarkable: Short Appreciations of Poetry and Pop-Culture