Sunday, August 31, 2008

Damn Fools - Ben Curran Edition

Hey Kids!

Remember This Post about how if you don't like something, a comic you're reading, a blog you're checking, just stop participating in it?

Well, instead of doing that, Ben Curran over and chose to post a 60 item long list taking childish pot-shots* at things he hates in the comics industry. 

See it here - 
Now, were I to write up this post, saying that Ben Curran sucks for liking Clerks 2** and then continue to read his blog, I would be no better than that which I decry.
Instead I'm just going to point out that acting like Comic Book Guy does nothing to help you be taken seriously, that writing solid reviews and analysis is harder and more interesting, and I will not be reading the Comics Should Be Good! blog any longer. 

Agency, kiddos! Taste the FREEDOM.


* One blogger makes the list because he likes Hawkman. A list of lisenced comics "whose annihilation would make [him] happy." A list of people who should never have written comics. You don't like something so you don't want ANYONE to have it? That is the attitude of a child.

** It should be noted that Clerks 2 is a terrible movie.

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