Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Stop, Just... STOP - Wizard Magazine Edition

A warning, as this post is spoilery for Captain America #25, a courtesy not given by major news outlets.

Here's a quick snippet from my G-mail In-Box today:

During the middle of the day, yesterday, I received that e-mail from Wizard Entertainment.

Just look at that subject-line. Go ahead, I'll wait. Look.


Uh, Wizard? I've been meaning to tell you, most people don't have a chance to GO GET THEIR COMICS during the MIDDLE OF THE DAY. As such, you may not WANT TO GIVE AWAY THE ENDING of a book that came out THAT DAY in the SUBJECT LINE of your e-mail.

That being said, in a state of shock, I opened the e-mail, to find two pages linked within.

The first one, you can see to your right -

Let's not even discuss how something could be marked down from $85 when it came out TODAY...

But this book has not been out in some shops for even 12 hours as of this writing. It has a cover price of $2.99. However, if you feel that you need to spend litterally 25 times that amount for the privilage of never, ever, ever reading a comic book, then Wizard Entertainment is the company for you.

Isn't this the kind of wild, speculative market that almost killed the comic book industry in the Ninties? How's the golden goose meat taste, Wizard? I hope it's delicious, it's the last you'll be getting for a while...

There's seriously a whole page of this nonsense here.

Also advertised in the same e-mail was this particularly excellent statue:

Ah, The Ill-Fated Picnic Attempt Saga, chief among the great epic X-Men tales.
I know, were I to choose a particularly iconic moment in Rogue's history to immortalize in a statue, it would be said picnic.

So thank you, Wizard, for my daily dose of total nonsense. Now stop, just... STOP.


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