Saturday, February 24, 2007

Yeah I'm Back, Back In Black...

Sorry for yet another lengthy delay from updates, but some sage-like advice from Bahlactus has gotten me back onto the blogging wagon.

So here are some links to prepare your delicate pallett for the sauciness to come:

Kevin writes an open letter to comics fans that burns with the clensing fire of a thousand suns!

The aformentioned Afro-Devourer Of Worlds puts out the call to comics bloggers!

Ragnell's post is sad and hilarious due to it's inherent truth!

(More on this one, later.)

Ok, so I'll be back later with thoughts on Civil War's wrap up (Spoiler warning - someone gets punched,) and any news that gets me all tingly that trickles in from the NYCC this weekend.


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