Saturday, January 27, 2007

52 Words On 52 - Week 38

This is my now weekly feature on DC Comics' 52. 52 words giving my impressions on whatever went down last issue. As a warning to those who don't read it or are waiting for the 300 trades that this will be collected in, I'm going to get specific.

So, I'm totally serious here: SPOILERS.

52 on 52: Week 38

Will Magnus eating cold beans and building radioactive men is fairly hilarious and disturbing. The Bible of Crime: Book of Apokolips! Does that make Grant Morrison a prophet?

This is really the end of The Question.
How many deaths does one hero get?

I wonder: Was he the man or the butterfly?

So that's this week. As someone who's read most of the published Question stories, and has a great love for the character kicked off by Greg Rucka's Huntress: Cry For Blood story, I'm kind of bummed. Look for something about him to come.


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