Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lack of Updates


So I'm working on a screenplay, and hoping to put it into production in the coming months.

Unfortunately, with a 32 Hour-A-Week job, school five days a week, and a girlfriend who I don't really get to see as much as I'd like as it is, the ol' Blog is going to take a hit...

So instead of writing a few little updates each week, until this script is done, I'm going to just write a big piece every now and again. The next one will be about Greg Rucka's Wonder Woman run. After that, probably a breakdown of All Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder so far, and then some Infinite Crisis mojo.

So keep your eyes open, and hopefully soon I'll get back to a more regular schedule.

Thanks for reading,


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Michael A. Burstein said...

We'll be reading whenever you're able to post...