Sunday, January 15, 2006

Two Sweet Art Projects: Too Bad I Can't Draw

Tonight I've got two links to some terribly keen art projects.

The first is from LiveJournal. Yours, Truely is suckered with a certain fondness for Babs Gordan, the first Batgirl. So when a friend kicked me towards this, the Draw Batgirl project, I spent entirely too much time clicking back and forth through the various Batgirls, new, old, or entirely new concepts.

Here's my fave so far -

What can I say, I'm a fool for the classic costume!

It's by a cat called Ian J.

He's got a LiveJournal where he posted this (Linksville!), and a website where all sorts of cool illustrations are up (Link to the Past!).

I'm a big fan of both Brian Lee O'Malley and Andi Watson, so it says something that this sketch is my favorite over the ones they did.

There are seriously hundreds of these things, and if you have some free time and love comics, give it a click. If you're a busy fella or gal, I take no responsiblity when you fall terribly, terribly behind after clicking. It's all the Pretty, Pretty art's fault.

Draw Batgirl!

The second project is something I found through MySpace (yes, I have a MySpace account... Leemee alone.) Jim Mahfood posted on his page about it, it's called Drink And Draw, and it's exactly as it sounds.

A gaggle of artists get together with alcoholic beverages and pens of various inks and draw whatever they want. The end result is completey groovy.

Here's one of Food's pieces that I love.

It's got this crazy romantic Ralph Steadman-y quality too it, thanks to the ink-blot/lizard combo.

You can find most of the Drink And Draw stuff on their MySpace page:

Drink And Draw!

This particular picture was yanked from Mahfood's personal page, which itself has no shortness of awesome:


So that's it for me kiddies. Tomorrow I might be able to swing the always late Pull List for last Wednesday. Next week maybe I'll get to some reviews?

Here's hoping, and see you soon...


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