Saturday, January 07, 2006

Pull List Week of 01/05

Comics ho!

New Avengers: Breakout TPB -
FINALLY. I beleive I've allready expressed my qualms with this "overpriced hardcover and then the paperback trade months later" nonsense.
That aside, I've read this trade in single issue form allready, and frankly - I dig it. I was resistant to it at first, mostly because it's called "New Avengers," and while it's a very cool, these characters don't seem to gel as a team in my mind the way the old Avengers do. It's nothing I can put my finger on, but put this trade side-by-side with Young Avengers and... something... is missing.

Once you get past it, the art is mighty pretty, and Bendis gets to shut-up all those people who complain that he can't write action. On top of the action, though, we get the Bendis Spider-Man, who in my opinion is the best version of the character swinging around the Marvel U right now. I highly reccomend it.

Marvel Zombies #2 -
They talk about Spider-Man eating his wife and aunt.
This book is completely crazy and utterly awesome. The covers alone are worth $2.99.

Gotham Central #39 -
I'm so sad this is ending. At least it's on the creator's terms and not canceled by DC Editorial. If anyone hasn't been reading this book so far, I won't go into what it's about, but it should be my most intense read of the week. A bonus note: Greg Rucka has said they're going to reprint this entire series eventually in trade, so start picking them up now and avoid the rush! BUY IT!

Jonah Hex #3 -
What's cooler than pirates?
For those of you who answered "Cowboys!" Then you, sir or madam, are correct. While ninjas would have also been an acceptable answer, Jonah Hex has none. It's just nice to read a comic that is self-contained, beautifully drawn and features a scarred character with a firm yet undefinable moral code.

Seven Soldiers: Frankenstien #2 -
It took me a loooong time to get on board with this Seven Soldiers thing, but now I'm totally absorbed in it. I'm not sure where, exactly, it's headed though. The first issue of this comic featured a decapitated magician and weird psychic slug things. So I have no clue what's coming in this ish.

Superman: Sacrifice TPB -
Let's play everyone's favorite game "How Many Times Can We Get Casey To Buy Wonder Woman #119?!?!" Apparently the answer is at least three (the issue, this, Omac trade) but PROBABLY four, as they'll reprint it in the appropriate volume of Wonder Woman.
The sacrifice arc itself isn't that impressive, and other than getting to see Darksied wearing boxing gloves it had me screaming "MOVE IT ALONG!" as we got teeny tiny little clues about what was going on in each issue. Luckily the payoff, the Superman/Wonder Woman fight, was more than worth it.
Four times, though?
I should just burn the money, right?

Teen Titans #31 -
Everything that's going on with Superboy, and the Titans off in space with Donna Troy and we're reading about Brother Blood? Geoff Johns might be stretched too thin over at DC. Well, I'll give the issue a fair shot anyway, but the title has been hurting since Mike McKone left.

Y: The Last Man #41
The origin of Agent 355! They've been doing quite a few asides to the main story lately, and while I'm glad for the depth it gives to important characters like 355, and supporting characters like Hero, I have to wonder if it means that the actual Y story is coming to an end. I know Vaughn is only doing a set number of issues, but I don't want it to end. Good things never last, Mr. Denham.

So that's it for this week, I'll give you some pocket reviews as soon as I pick up my books! Hope you grabbed some good stuff this week!



Michael A. Burstein said...

Jonah Hex has been excellent for all three issues. Very adult themes, though; I would never give it to a kid. (Not that it's meant for kids.)

I read a speculation that Gotham Central's Crispin Allen is going to become the new Spectre. Given what just happened in the Day Of Vengeance special, that could fit.

As for Teen Titans, I have ben enjoying the return of Captain Carrot quite a bit.

Casey "Meat-Hooks" Malone said...

I'm so perturbed by the Watchmen version of the Zoo Crew. And then it all ended so quickly, just as I was intrigued they snached it away.