Monday, January 02, 2006

Coolest Comics Couples - 2005

So I'm a little TOO into the romantic aspect of fiction, and comics are no exception. So here are the five couples that got together (or should have) over the past year that hit the right chord with me, be it a funny one, a sad one, or one that makes me go "Awwwww..." louder than a bucket of kittens.

5 – Spider-Man and Luke Cage;
Oh, c’mon. Did you see these two in the pages of New Avengers? Luke probably sneaks across the hall to Spidey’s room for a little Alias #1 action once the lights go down in the Avenger’s Tower. If you listen closely, you can hear Iron Fist crying.

4 – Scott Pilgrim and Kimberly Pine;
This one takes place in the past, but a 4 or 5 page montage of Kim and Scott gave us so much insight into her character, and made me fall head over heels. At first she's rescued by Scott and things are grand and adventurous, but later there's a panel depicting what I took to be their first time together and it's heart-felt, and romantic and real. To hear how Scott asked Kim out, skip back a bit to my favorite lines from last year.

3 – Matt Murdock and Milla Donovan-Murdock;
Finally Matt Murdock gets the nice, stable woman he deserves. Thank god he's over his ninja/spy/ex-porn star phase. Milla on the other hand didn't really win the stability lottery, but hey, she’s married to Daredevil. I really like them as a couple, the dual blind saviors of Hell’s Kitchen, one by night and the other by day. Now if only his arch-enemies and ex-girlfriends* would stop barging in on them while she’s in her underwear

2 – Ultimate Spider-Man and Kitty Pride;
That Peter Parker, It’s about time he found himself a nice Jewish girl. While it was heartbreaking to read Peter cut M.J. loose, these two seem made for each other. They’ve only been together for two issues, but they’re dynamic is a charming one. Spidey can’t trust anyone normal to be around him, since they keep getting hurt, so a Super-Girlfriend is perfect. Kitty on the other hand is a misfit in a house full of mutant super-people, so someone who understands alienation is good for her. Also, as any lady who's stooped to our level knows, nerds try harder.

1 – Diana (Wonder Woman) and Io;
“Whaaaat?,” you say? Go back, and re-read Greg Rucka’s Wonder Woman run. In every scene between these two, there is a tenderness, concern, respect and care between the characters that can’t be construed as anything other than romantic love. Diana is the first name Io utters when coming back to conciousness after a battle with Ares, and Wonder Woman recognizes Io by scent alone when her sight is gone. Wonder Woman #224 was told from Io’s perspective, and was an almost completely tragic ending to their expertly crafted romance.

Tomorrow a look back at some of the odder titles that I've really dug from 2005, followed by a look at the last year's CRISIS, and what could be coming!


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