Wednesday, October 05, 2005

My Pull List At the Shop or OW! My Wallet!

Today I decided to finely tune my list for the box held for me at Comicazi.
I thought I'd share the results with all o' y'all -

DC Comics -


Adventures of Superman - Greg Rucka Trades Only
Batman/Superman - Hardcover Trades Only
Gotham Central - Trades Also
Green Lantern Corps
Infinite Crisis - George Perez Covers Only
Jonah Hex
Justice League Unlimited - Digests Only
The Omac Project
Raan/Thanagar War
Teen Titans - Trades Also
Wonder Woman

Vertigo/Wildstorm -
Ex Machina - Trades Only
Fables - Trades Only
Y: The Last Man - Trades Also

Marvel Comics -
Astonishing X-men - Trades Only

Captain America - Brubaker Softcover Trades Only
Daredevil - Bendis Trades Also
New Avengers - Softcover Trades Only
The Pulse
Runaways - Digests Only
She-Hulk - Trades Also
Secret War
Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do .
Ultimate Spider-Man - Hardcovers Volumes Also
Ultimates - Trades Only
Wolverine - Mark Millar Softcover Trades only

Other Publishers! -

Boneyard - Trades Only

Metal Gear Solid - Trades Also
Scott Pilgrim
Walking Dead - Trades Only

Misc! -
Anything by -
Bryan Lee O'Malley
Jim Mahfood
Jeffery Brown!

So that's my list, which I'm really happy with. I've got the best of each company, and alot of cool indie stuff when I need something that doesn't have so much punching in spandex.

If you see anything that's sorely missing, please lemme know!


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