Friday, July 29, 2005

The Pull List: Comics I'm A-Grabbin'

I have a pull list at a rockin' little shop in Somerville called Comicazi (link in the sidebar), and every week I'm going to post what I'm excited for, and why... Eventually I'll get around to letting you readers of funnybooks know which ones I liked or not, but for now...

These are Comics which Theoretically Rock My Socks:

- The Flash # 224;

The second to last issue of Geoff Johns' now truly essential run (no pun intended) of Wally West's Super-Hero career. The man not only made The Rogues respectable, he made them menacing. Whoever thought that Captain Cold would give me shivers (pun wholly intended)? The man also brought back not one, but two Zooms. Howard Porter's art is the best it's been since JLA #1. This and the next issue will no doubt bring a tear to my sentimental eye.

- Wonder Woman #219;

She's a wonder! WONDA-WOMAAAAAAN!

Part 4 of Greg Rucka's out-of-left-field opus, Sacrifice. Sacrifice, for those not keeping up with Big Blue, is a story that crosses the three main Superman books, Wonder Woman, and The Omac Project. Some, such as I, would argue that since three of these books retold the same fight three different ways, stretching it into a crossover was excessive. However, I'm always up for a good reason for two heroes to throw down (See: Spider-Man Vs Wolverine), and this fight where she takes on Supes looks to be greuling. I'm down.

- The Omac Project #4 of 6;

See: Above. Sadly this issue is supposed to be more tying up the Sacrifice story-arc. Hopefully there will be plenty of Omacs running around Initiating Counter-Measures and shooting those eye things and Maxwell Lord teasing Batman. "Gotcher Spy-Satellite! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!"

Maybe that last one is wishful thinking.

- The Pulse #10;

Back when The Pulse was Alias, it was the best book on the shelves. Alias is still one of the best set of trades you can pick up, and Jessica Jones is such a great character, with real emotions and problems in a world of super-men and people in tights, that she's been completely interwoven with the Marvel Universe lately. It probably doesn't hurt that her boyfriend and baby-daddy is in the New Avengers.

Sadly, the Pulse lost something when it changed over. Maybe it was the lack of F-Bomb every few words, but I like to think that since Alias artist Michael Gaydos drew Jessica Jones so perfectly, that no other artist has managed to capture the character the same way. So fear not, faithful readers, as Stan the Man would say: Gaydos returns to this book for the birth of Jessica's baby! MOZELTOV!

It's one of the last books I'm reading at Marvel, it really deserves a monthly (rather than bi-monthly) publishing schedule.

- James Kochalka's The Cute Manifesto;

Kochalka is an artist who has completely won my heart. It started with Peanutbutter & Jeremy, a story about an annoying crow and a cat who thinks she works in an office. She wears a tie! He also did the Superfriends spoof SuperF*ckers!
and the completely off the wall Fancy Froglin's Sexy Forrest. I enjoy so much of his work, I'm willing to at least check out anything he has to say. And it seems he's got quite a bit, as the Manifesto is all about his personal philosophy, his life, and where he's going. Looks to be intensely personal and a moving read.

So I think that's pretty much it for me this week. My box at the store must be ready to break under the pressure.

Clearly the next step for my broke-ass is getting a PayPal donation button for y'all to click on! I can count on you, the reader, can't I?

Can't I?
Fine, be that way.


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